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Tech Samurais Identity: P1

One of my first tasks as the new Senior Designer at Tech Samurais has been to lead the redesign of the Tech Samurais identity. The next several blog posts will be a case study covering the process we went through for the new design.
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My Journey with HHVM-Pt.1

Facebook released HHVM, a new PHP interpreter that runs as a virtual machine. It is suppose to out perform PHP5-FPM. Currently one of our projects is running PHP5-FPM. In this series of posts I will outline our thought process in evaluating HHVM as a viable solution for us.
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Nginx Performance Tuning for SSL

The purpose of this article is to talk about my experience tuning my web server. DB tuning is not covered in this article.
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A brief history of flat design

Flat design has recently become very popular, especially with the flat iOS 7 design from Apple.  I’ve really been enjoying flat designs, but I was curious on how we got here.  This blog post will cover it’s origins, and the the evolution of flat design.

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